Wednesday, May 30, 2012

Station 10 Improvements

A big round of applause to the crews at Station 10, who have gone above and beyond to make their station's exterior look great! Lt. Justin Talentino and Firefighter DJ Martinez (Engine 10/B shift) were the masterminds and dipped into their own pockets (although they've since been reimbursed) to make the changes happen. Lt. Talentino tells us that he feels like the community supports the station and wanted to give back by having a better looking exterior. It also provides opportunity for the crews to talk to the neighbors while outside working. And, they didn't leave the four-legged neighbors out--they also set a bowl out each shift for dogs to get a drink of water. Check out the photos below; nicely done, folks!

(Special thanks to DC Dawn Clopton and BC Todd Pomroy for the photos and information.)