Monday, March 26, 2012

Flood Awareness Week Demonstration & Media Coverage

This past Saturday, members of Fire Station 1 (A Shift) participated in a swift water rescue demonstration as part of Flood Awareness Week. Pictured left to right (below): FF Joe Richardson, FF Chris Layton, FF Jeff Heaton, FF Greg Reddish, and FF Ty Baker. Great job, guys!

Photo by Ed Zavala, KXAN

And here's a list of all the coverage the event got. Special thanks to BC Palmer Buck for his great work on these!

Turn Around Don't Drown Was the Message

First responders lead demonstrations on flood rescues

Swift water rescue demonstration: Event promotes flood water safety

KXAN Blog: Flood Safety Awareness Week

KXAN Blog: Flood safety poster contest

Rescue Teams Demonstrate Flash Flood Techniques

YNN (Covered Flood Awareness Week Each Day)
Monday: Flood Awareness: Flash Flood Alley (Not Online)

Tuesday: Flood Awareness: Respect the storm drains

Wednesday: Flood Safety Awareness: Floodplain and flood insurance

Thursday: Flood Safety Awareness: The danger of flash floods

Friday: Flood Safety Awareness: New technology helps protect against flood hazards (two videos

Kids' contest focuses on 'Turn around, Don't Drown'