Friday, February 10, 2012

Kudos to Engine 21/B Shift

Please see the kudos note below that Chief Kerr received that referenced our fabulous Engine 21/B shift crew who were on scene:

"The Austin Police community has blessed my family with a support system geared to helping guide in the recovery from trauma from the sudden death of a loved one. My mother found my sister deceased a few weeks ago and the kindness bestowed on mom and I as we sat on a couch at my sister’s condo, while they checked things out, was amazing. I am sorry I do not have the name of the excellent crisis/ grief counselor but she was the most kindest of individuals. Each officer and coroner crew, fire dept, and ambulance crew were just a true tribute to the most positive aspect of the police department and our emergency Services of Austin. Thank you and know: That when you put your life on the line or help 'civilians' like us, You Are Making A Positive Impact on our lives and the community. The 6 month old pup who was in the condo with a door closed from my sisters bedroom, had been alone for a long period of time and the attending officers realized this. Watering, walking, feeding and petting a stressed Beagle was what is above and beyond the call of duty. The beagle now has a loving home with some of our friends. I put the thank you e-mail I sent out to our friends about my sister’s passing. I know that you just deal with people at the moment of the event and past history is usually unknown so I just wanted you to know about her life.

"The events of the last few weeks has been tempered with kindness, understanding and a demonstration of Christian love that is an honor to the memory of my sister, Jody. The faith she lived everyday is a legacy that we cherish and remember. Aunt Jody was an example of unconditional love to my children and their peers. We did not hesitate when asked what to put on her header there was only one choice and that was 'Aunt Jody.' My sister had no children of her own and yet she cared for my three sons and their many friends.

"We just thank you all again for the show of support, food, kind words and flowers. My sister commented to me that no one would probably attend her funeral, because she was homebound the last years of her life. The church was packed at Austin Baptist Church for the service. The honor you gave my sister Jody, by attending the service or sending cards was so impacting that I am sure She looked down from Heaven and said 'Wow.'

"I believe that the time we have here on earth is to show the love of Our Lord, and so I say 'Well done my sweet sister, well done' and I am sure she will hear it many times now on. There was only one Aunt Jody, Passionate, and a follower of Christ, and oh how we will miss her."

Thank you and God Bless,
Beverly McCreary (sister)
Jack McCreary (father)
Dot McCreary (mother)