Friday, February 24, 2012

Kudos to AFD from Meals on Wheels and More

We received the e-mail below from the VP of Client Services at Meals on Wheels and More re: the recent distribution on Valentine's Day of the HSEM Emergency Kits. Thanks to all of you who took part in getting these kits out to our citizens in need!

"Dear Chief Dodds: I cannot thank you all enough for this fantastic event and the incredible effort of the AFD to distribute the emergency kits in the Austin/Travis County Community to low-income, at risk, homebound older adults and disabled individuals. It was an incredible effort and I am so very grateful. I think our good work increased community awareness of potential emergencies and provided folks with a stronger sense of security and peace of mind. I have had a small number of phone calls from our clients who are responding to our letter and reporting that they did not get a kit. I talked with one client last night who asked, in broken English, is there an emergency about to happen that I don’t know about? Another client who had M.S. and in a wheelchair called me last week and said that the delivery of the kit increased her awareness of her own vulnerability of being in a wheelchair. Meals on Wheels is also getting calls from folks who are not our clients but who saw the media reports. They are requesting kits but we have not promised kits to folks who were not contacted 1st by phone or letter from one of the partnering agencies. If we have remaining kits, we will be happy to distribute to the community as calls come in. Thank you for the updated list. We will continue to distribute to folks on Meals on Wheels who were not home for the delivery. I will share the list with our partner agencies so that they can follow-up with their own clients."

Best Wishes,
Mary Teeters
Vice President for Client Services
Meals on Wheels and More