Tuesday, November 22, 2011

Recent Recognitions

Fire Chief Rhoda Mae Kerr and the AFD Executive Team recently recognized several individuals for significant accomplishments:

  • Battalion Chief Palmer Buck, a member of AFD for 18 years, who graduated from the Executive Fire Officer Program (EFOP) at the United States Fire Administration Academy based in Emmitsburg, Maryland. The EFOP is a four-year intensive curriculum that examines how senior authority figures can exercise leadership when dealing with difficult, adaptive programs within their jurisdictions. Chief Buck was one of 107 students from across the country to graduate from this elite program in 2011.

  • Firefighter Rhonda Harms (E17/C Shift) who recently returned from a two-year tour in Afghanistan with the US Navy. Rhonda presented Chief Kerr with a flag that her unit had flown there in honor of the Austin Fire Department.

  • Adrian Rodriquez, AFD's Warehouse Stores Coordinator, who was chosen by Stanley Tools as part of their nationwide "Builti for Life Unsung Heroes" contest. This contest pays tributes to the unsung heroes who make our country great and keep us going. Stanley chooses unselfish men and women who take action and don't expect thanks in return. As Stores Coordinator, Adrian is a crucial member of the team who keeps the department running smoothly every day. His diligence and "get it done" nature guarantees that the crew is always well-equipped and prepared to fight fires. The AFD constantly relies on him to have the necessary safety equipment stocked and organized.

  • 2011 COACCC Committee: Battalion Chief Bruce Station and civilian employees Mandy Ray, Phillip Lybrand, Alisha Weskamp, Kimberly Costello, and JoBeth Prentice were recognized for their outstanding creativity in making this year's City of Austin Combined Charities Campaign for AFD the best ever! Our goal was $75,000 and although the funds raised are still being tallied, we know we are very close to meeting that goal.