Thursday, September 1, 2011

Lt. Kevin Kalmus Receives Award at Fire-Rescue International

Last week, Lt. Kevin Kalmus traveled to the Fire-Rescue International Conference in Atlanta to accept their Company Officer of the Year award. As part of his recognition, Lt. Kalmus was awarded $1,000. In typical Kevin fashion, he chose to donate those funds in the name of AFD Engine 16/C to the family of recently deceased Dallas firefighter Lt. Todd Krodel, who died in the line of duty on August 14.

And while he was in Atlanta, Lt. Kalmus asked various vendors and manufacturers to match AFD's donation--he managed to raise another $6,000 for Lt. Krodel's family! This is just another example of why Lt. Kalmus was the perfect choice for the Company Officer of the Year award. In his words, "My opinion about the award is that, while it has my name on it, it's really about my crew and how we became successful as a team. If they didn't see value in the things I asked from them, then I would have failed as a leader. As far as the money goes, I never felt that it was mine and I just saw it as an opportunity to do something meaningful."

Check out the photos below taken by Chief Kerr. Way to go, Kevin! We're so proud of you!

L to R: Fire Rescue magazine Editor in Chief Tim Sendelbach; Lt. Kalmus; IAFC President Chief Al Gillespie (North Las Vegas FD)

L to R: Fire Rescue magazine Editor in Chief Tim Sendelbach and Lt. Kalmus

L to R: The AFD contingent! Fire Chief Kerr, Lt. Kalmus, Asst. Chief Evans, Division Chief Frick