Monday, September 26, 2011

Kudos for Cindy Lyons, Our New OHN!

"I'm currently going through the light-duty process from an injury I received while on duty. I've had little luck with the process up until yesterday (September 21). I met with Cindy Lyons in the morning, and discussed my case and the issues I was experiencing with it. Within an hour of our conversation, she had called me and gotten me the information I needed to move forward with the process. Today I will be back in physical therapy thanks to her. I don't know what her job is but having a professional review IOJ claims on a weekly basis would sure help get people back out to operations."

FS Derek Herring (Ladder31/B)

Editor's Note: Cindy is AFD's new Occupational Health Nurse (OHN). She will be officed at Wellness, and will manage and coordinate the department's Workers' Compensation program and activities. Cindy is a seasoned professional with more than 20 years of work experience, the majority of which has been in the workers' compensation and occupational health field. Prior to joining AFD, she was the Disability-Health Services Manager for General Electric in Houston, where she managed, coordinated, and facilitated all personal and workers' compensation disability cases and case management for the U.S.-based oil and gas population. Cindy is a graduate of McNeese State University, Lake Charles, Louisiana with a degree in Nursing. Cindy has lived, traveled, and worked with companies throughout the United States, and has an extensive background in public safety.