Thursday, August 4, 2011

Ladder 8/B Shift Kudos

A note from our colleagues at EMS. Way to go, folks! (Firefighters from two different shifts and three different stations: Capt. Bunn, FF Daugherty, FF Slusher, and FF Paskos.)

"We would like to express our deepest gratitude for Ladder 8's crew today. They are a little mix of A & B shift we believe. They went above and beyond their way to help us on a very difficult call with a psych patient today.

"We were called by a female who wanted help from EMS. When we arrived, the patient did not believe we were EMS and asked that we would leave her apartment. We tried to explain several times and different ways that we were the paramedics she called for, but she refused to listen or talk to us. When Ladder 8 showed, we told them what was going on and they immediately went in and made patient contact. To our surprise, the patient responded very well to them. The patient had questions in which Fire attempted several times to refer to us for answering, but she would not listen. Finally David (the Lieutenant) made the suggestion that they (AFD) could ride with her to the hospital if that made her feel more comfortable since she could not ride in the fire truck with them. After a long talk, the patient finally ok'd. AFD assisted the patient to the stretcher, transported her to the ambulance. The patient still would not let any of us obtain vitals or do an exam on her, but we got her somewhere she felt safe and could get the proper medical attention she needed.

"Thank you for your patience and for going above and beyond. We appreciate your teamwork!"

Nancy Monson 2109 & Keri Cinquina 2234