Thursday, June 30, 2011

Swift Water Class Thank You

Our Spec Ops folks recently put on a swift water awareness class for 30 Texas Highway Patrol troopers. Their Lieutenant, Victor Taylor, sent along this very nice thank you note to Chief Todd Pomroy:


I want to thank you for coordinating and allowing Firefighter Keith Brown to provide us valuable training regarding Swift Water Rescue and awareness. I have heard several favorable comments back from our troops. They had a great time and most of all, learned a valuable lesson in the dangers of high water. This type of training has allowed us a better understanding of how you guys operate and what you can do. This understanding will allow us to jointly succeed in protecting and, most of all, serving the people in our communities. Please pass our thanks to Keith.

"If I can assist you or your Department in any way, please contact me."

Victor Taylor, Lieutenant
Texas Highway Patrol