Tuesday, May 24, 2011

Congratulations to Division Chief Mike Frick

Congratulations to Division Chief Mike Frick (Shift Commander/A Shift) who was recently selected to become a Task Force Leader (TFL) for Texas Task Force 1! Chief Frick will serve on the White Team and was chosen after a selection process that included a written application/resume and questionnaire, and an interview with the current Task Force Leaders, TEEX Program Managers, and a Task Force Leader from another state.

Chief Frick I has been involved with the Task Force for more than 10 years as a Planning Team Manager on the Red Team. There are six TFLs divided up to allow two TFLs for each of the three teams (Red, White, Blue) on Texas Task Force 1. The two-TFL concept is to allow for 24-hour operations, one Day Shift and one Night Shift, if the mission requires this type of model. The normal Federal Type 1 Urban Search and Rescue Team works for FEMA and is comprised of approximately 80 personnel, and all associated equipment, subdivided into specialties such as Rescue (shoring, breaching, etc.), Search (canine and technical), HazMat, Logistics, Safety, Medical, and Plans.

Texas Task Force 1 is also a State response team for events that occur within or adjacent to the State of Texas. This allows a great deal of flexibility in the team composition to include Water/Boat assets, Helicopter Rescue crew, Quick Response Forces (a smaller profile mobile 'light' US&R team), the larger Type 1, and Texas Military Forces. They work in partnership with local authorities when requested by the Texas Department of Emergency Management.

With Chief Frick's appointment, there are  now two active AFD TFLs (Chief Weidler, Chief Frick), and one retired AFD (Chief David Fiero). Along with two TFLs from Houston FD, and the retired Chief from Grapevine, this group comprises the six TFLs.

Way to go, Chief Frick!