Friday, April 22, 2011

Kudos from Scenic Brook Fire and Some Photos

We've received some wonderful feedback from citizens regarding the Scenic Brook fire that we wanted to share with you.

"My husband and I very much appreciate the care that your department has taken in protecting our property." --Carol Cespedes

"Wow! What a day Sunday.  I live on Covered Bridge Drive and actually evacuated for a while.  I think your department did a great job." --Le Keough

"Thank you to the Austin Fire Department, Oak Hill Volunteer Fire Department any other fire depts., the C-130 Community and all those that kept my family, my car and childhood home from burning to the ground!"  --SSGT James Gayheart, USMC, amp Pendleton, CA

"I am not a resident of the area impacted by yesterday's fire so this is completely unsolicited feedback.  I am a LONG time Austinite (30 years plus) and I can't remember when Austin saw a fire of that magnitude.  I was completely amazed at how well AFD responded - it was literally flawless.  That fire had the potential to destroy so much more.  Hats off for a job extremely well done." --Jason

"I want to thank the Austin FD, Texas Forest Service and all other responding units for saving my house and many others on Scenic Brook April 17 in the Oak Hill fire. A house on the other side of my neighbor burned and other houses within a stone's throw are destroyed. The firefighters on scene apparently dug a trench behind my neighbor's house and I'm convinced that kept the fire out of my yard and in my house. The air support was swift and much appreciated, and the firefighters on the ground have my gratitude for a job well done. Thank you very much." -- Anonymous

Special thanks to Casey Ping from Starflight and Tank Tantaksinanukij from APD for most of the photos shown below!