Tuesday, March 1, 2011

Tough Mudder Race

Even though it was a while ago, we wanted to let you know about several AFD members who participated in the Tough Mudder Race in Paige, TX on January 30 benefiting the Wounded Warrior Project. The race was 10 miles long including several muddy obstacles. All members had a great time and hope to bring even more firefighters out next year. Check out the photos below!

Participants included: Coitt Kessler (18C), Sean Coggin (8A), Matt McElearney (14A), Bryce Kessler (35C), Danny Oliver (8A), Mike Twyman (18C), Matt Holmes (14A), Nathan Hager (18A), Chris Moren (18A), Tim Vandermeer (18A), Matt Buelow (18A), David Mechum (18B), Scott Johnson (18B), Dave Dixon (15A), Paul Saldana (15A), and Mark Mead (15A).