Monday, March 28, 2011

Salem Hill Neighborhood Canvass by A Shift

Last week, the A shift canvassed the streets around Salem Hill Drive in south central Austin to check smoke alarms and replace batteries where needed. This effort was the result of a non-injury but significant fire at 5512 Salem Hill on Sunday, March 21.

The effort was a huge success! They visited more than 75 homes, installed 24 smoke alarms, and replaced four batteries. The area was very receptive to the effort. KEYE and KVUE went with some of the companies, and Chief Frick did a stand-up interview with each TV station. Interestingly, the house directly across the street from the fire had a fire fatality in September 2009 when the occupant of the converted garage left a lamp on a wood desk and went to sleep. There was not much that had been done in the way of repair to the structure (still had some melted fixtures). They installed two smoke detectors in that residence.