Friday, March 4, 2011

Kudos to Chief Bruce Staton

"Chief Bailey:

"We turned in a broken door on the stove last September. The door would not stay shut (we have been using a piece of webbing tied to a kitchen drawer to keep it closed). Building services came out and told us they needed to order a new spring. We asked about it in December and they told us we needed a complete door. By January, I think everyone had given up. The A-shift turned in a new area of the kitchen asbestos floor tiles that had come loose last week (February 13). At this point, about half the kitchen floor has cracked or missing tiles. Chief Staton came by to look at the floor and noticed the oven. The next morning a new stove was delivered.

"Chief, whoever decided to put a BC in charge of station maintenance should get a medal! Every request we have made to Chief Staton has been addressed inside of a shift and he has personally followed up and made station visits to check on the problem and follow up on the repairs! If you have a chance please pass on 16C's appreciation for the great job he is doing!"

Lt. Kevin Kalmus
Engine 16-C