Wednesday, January 19, 2011

River City Youth Christmas Program

"Hello Chief Crooks,

You were probably not aware of this, but we have Austin Fire Fighters volunteer every year at the River City Youth Christmas program. We have been doing this for approximately the last 6 or 7 years. This year it was held on Saturday December 11th. It is a youth program housed in the heart of Dove Springs. This year I think we helped hand out over 2,000 gifts and lunch bags to approximately the same number of children. Ask Chief Orta about the length of the lines. The fire fighters are usually in charge of the Logistics. This includes setting up the facility and sorting stations, and facilitating movement and flow of the lines. We also spend the day and night before the give-away collecting donated gifts from around the local businesses. This usually includes driving a couple of the Ed Services vans around town to accomplish this task. We also make a trip to a local Wal-Mart the night before and purchase literally hundreds of Games, Toys, and a few Bicycles with donated funds. The bikes are given away as Grand prizes during a free raffle.

"Fire Chief Kerr and Assistant Chief Orta were there this year. They can tell you more. Mayor Pro-Tem Mike Martinez was also present and did the Bike raffle. The AFD FF’s involved this year were Captain Frank Alvarez, Lt. Eddie Ruiz, FS Randy Moreno, FF Eli Santiago, FF Tim La Fuente, the crews of Engine 24C, Engine 24A, and myself. The Travis County ESD4 Fire Academy cadets also helped out.

"The photos are from last year’s celebration. This year’s have not been posted. Last year it was a cold, rainy, and damp day. Chief Orta was there last year as well."

Thank You Sir,

Captain Marc Saenz
Austin Bergstrom International Airport- ARFF- 2A