Saturday, December 25, 2010

Thanks AFD!

"Austin Fire Department,

"Once again, Operation Blue Santa was a huge success this year. I would like to mention some of the things that AFD was a part of and (at the risk of leaving someone out) list some of the folks who volunteered to make things work:
  • Thanks to the Executive Team members, AFD Honor Guard, ESPADA, Public Education, Quint 1-A, Engine 13-A and other AFD personnel that participated in the Chuy’s Parade on 11/27;
  • Thanks to the Executive Team members that went to the KVET breakfast on 12/3;
  • Thanks to Hilary Higdon for helping me on 12/6 to select the deliveries that our units would complete;
  • Thanks to the Executive Team members that went to the warehouse to sort and wrap presents on 12/10;
  • Thanks to Hilary (again), Tim LaFuente, Aaron Brooks, and Bruce Odems for delivering the toy packages to the staging stations on 12/15;
  • Thanks to Rob Vires and Mandy Ray for helping me deliver the turkeys and chickens to the staging stations on 12/18 (starting at 0530 hours!);
  • Thanks to the Executive Team and the crews of Engine 9-A and Quint 27-A for helping at the warehouse on the 18th. The help handing out turkeys and chickens was great. I think we also got some great publicity just by being out there handing out coffee, hot chocolate, and doughnuts.
"Also, thanks to the following A-Shift companies that took the time to deliver five or more packages to families (we completed over 200 deliveries):

Quint 17

Engine 17

Engine 11

Engine 6

Rescue 20

Engine 20

Engine 37

Ladder 36

Engine 36

Quint 35

Engine 24

Engine 22

Engine 66

Ladder 15

Engine 15

Engine 5

Engine 42

Quint 1

Engine 1

Engine 13

Engine 7

Rescue 14

Engine 14

Quint 18

Engine 18

Quint 40

Engine 40

Engine 26

Engine 41

Rescue 28

Engine 28

Ladder 8

Engine 8

Engine 16

Engine 23

Engine 30

Quint 38

Engine 25

Engine 21

Quint 27

"If any of the folks listed above work for you, please take a moment and thank them for helping provide Christmas for 14,000 children in Austin this year. Please also let me know if I have accidentally left anyone out (I want everyone to get their props!)."

Ken Crooks
Assistant Chief
Austin Fire Department