Wednesday, December 8, 2010

Kudos to BC Bob Nicks

"Dear Chief Kerr:

"It is with great pleasure that I'm sending this to recognize one of the many dedicated City of Austin Firefighters.

"On the morning of November 5, our facility started our heaters due to cold weather. Once the heater systems engaged, 3 of them went into alarm mode which I might add, and as you are probably aware, is a very high ear-piercing alarm. Coincidentally, Battalion Chief Robert Nicks was receiving treatment in our facility and offered to help me resolve the alarms. He was very thorough having found each of the heating systems we have in our facility and resolving those systems w/an activated alarm indicator. After having completed his treatment, he asked to review the systems one more time before he departed to ensure that we we wouldn't have any more problems.

"Battalion Chief Nicks acted professionally providing me direction/instruction on the heating systems. What he did may not seem significant in the grand scheme of firefighting, but as the new administrator of the group without foreknowledge of the above systems, I can tell you without prejudice that his assistance was greatly appreciated by me, our staff and the other patients in the facility.

"Please convey our thanks and gratitude to Battalion Chief Nicks for his actions."

Mark Young
Southwest Orthopaedic Group