Monday, October 25, 2010

Fireground Survival Training

This quarter’s multi-company drill delivered by AFD Education Services is Fireground Survival training, part of a series of FGS training that Ed Services has been delivering to Operations firefighters during the last year. The pictures below are of Central and Statoin 14 (C shift) personnel going through the H.O.T. this past Monday morning, October 18. Firefighters are taught correct techniques to breach through a wall, and two ways to safely maneuver themselves to a clear space into the adjoining room between the wall studs while wearing full PPE (including their airpack). The second part of the drill is how to remove yourself to safety through "snag" obstructions (wires), if necessary, removing the airpack while on air and putting it in a "defensible" space so the firefighter can clear the obstructions. The other major part of the training is proper radio traffic and Emergency ID activation while going through the drill; two training channels were utilized.

Many thanks to Ed Services for this info and to BC Randell Nations for the photos!