Thursday, October 7, 2010

AFD's Cave Rescue Team Featured in Firehouse Magazine Supplement

First, the good news: AFD's cave rescue team is featured in this month's Advanced Rescue Technology, a supplement to Firehouse magazine! Now, the bad news: for some reason, all of the quotes that should have been atttributed to FS DJ Walker were attributed to our PIO, Michelle DeCrane, instead. (Many thanks to BC Palmer Buck for bringing this to our attention!). FS Walker deserves all the credit, as he worked very closely with the reporter on providing information, as well as photos from his personal collection.

As such, the following e-mail was sent to the publisher of Firehouse and we expect it to run as a "Letter to the Editor" in the next issue. Following that is a link to the story, which other than the incorrect attributions, is an excellent piece about the outstanding work done by our folks on the cave rescue team. Just substitute DJ's name everywhere you see Michelle's!

"I just finished reading your piece in the Advanced Rescue supplement of last month’s issue of Firehouse. First, let me say again how much we appreciate the opportunity to work with you on this story; it shows AFD in a great light.

"However, I was quite disturbed to see the quotes in your article attributed to me; all I did was get DJ involved, who is the real expert. It was his answers to your questions so it should have been his name attributed to the quotes. He is, understandably, quite upset. I would respectfully request that you issue a correction both in the next print issue and online immediately clarifying this. DJ was very excited about the opportunity to highlight the great work AFD does in this area in a national publication and he, as well as I and the Fire Chief, are very disappointed.

"Additionally, the pictures should not have been attributed to the Austin Fire Department, but to DJ Walker from AFD; as you know, he provided these pictures to you from his personal collection and again, he should have been recognized for that.

"I fully expect that you will do what’s right to rectify these oversights immediately. --Michelle DeCrane, Public Information and Marketing Manager, Austin Fire Department"

Link to the story (go to pages 10/11):!!/dl2/d1/L2dJQSEvUUt3QS9ZQnB3LzZfOFRSSDRGSDIwOE9VQjAyVDI4UUI4QjBPTzc!/