Friday, September 3, 2010

Chief Kerr Wins Critics' Choice Award from Austin Chronicle

This week, the Austin Chronicle published its annual "Best of" awards list. Chief Kerr won an award from the critics in the "Politics and Personalities" category (see below). Congratulations Chief Kerr!

Best Uniform on a City Official: Fire Chief Rhoda Mae Kerr

This is a woman who knows how to take the heat, as well as give off some sparks of her own whenever she appears in uniform. And it's not just any uniform. As chief of the Austin Fire Department, Rhoda Mae Kerr presents an authoritative figure in her crisp white shirt embellished with her status and provenance, paired with perfectly tailored slacks that keep your eyes glued to her even as she glides from a room, blond hair swinging. And don't mistake the nature of our focus: There is absolutely nothing frivolous about this woman's job or the woman herself. Definitely one of Austin's best, Chief Kerr exemplifies great leadership peppered with sparkling wit and abundant charm.