Monday, August 23, 2010

AFD Firefighters Featured in IAFF Magazine

In this month’s issue of Fire Fighter magazine that is sent out by the IAFF (the cover has a photo of a firefighter holding a rackline, facing away from the camera) you can find our very own FF Coitt Kessler (Q18/C) on the inside of the front cover. It’s a photo of someone doffing their airpack while going through to Fireground Survival Course (a course that Coitt helped develop, by the way!) while Coitt oversees his progress. Later in the magazine, there is a quick blurb about the program that Coitt and Lt. Kevin Kalmus (E16/C) have been working so hard on for several years. They even mention Austin, Texas as one of the locations where the program has been tested.

Check it out for yourself here: (Page 2 and Page 54)

Pretty cool stuff! These guys have spent a significant part of their personal time working on a project that will eventually be taught to thousands of US and international firefighters. We're sure proud of them! (Special thanks to FF Lyzz Donelson at Ed Services for bringing this to our attention!)