Tuesday, July 20, 2010

Training at Taylor Hall

The Captains' complements located around the UT campus (L3, Q19, L17, L8) were able to do some very realistic training recently thanks to some observant eyes and imaginative officers. The old Taylor Hall is slated to be demolished in August, but still provided an excellent venue for forcible entry training and a great locale for practicing hand-line deployments from standpipes. Lt. Josh Portie (E2C) first noticed the abandoned building when responding in his still alarm territory. After several conversations with UT facilitators, Josh started the ball rolling. Battalion Chief Chris Watson (B1A) then provided further oversight and supervision to get all the pieces in place to host such an event.

How do we "stumble" onto these gems? Through members who: (1) Pay attention to their territory 2) Know their response partners like UT Prevention and UT Police and 3) Show personal initiative to recognize a rare find and then pursue that opportunity.

(Special thanks to DC David Bailey and Captain Mike Williams for the info and the pics!)