Thursday, June 3, 2010

Kudos to Quint 35 A-Shift (Corrected Info)

Editor's Note: With apologies to Detective Moore, the folks he MEANT to recognize are the crew of Quint 35 A-shift (Firefighter Greg Hernandez and Fire Specialist Randy Larsen are featured in the photo). I have corrected Detective Moore's note to reflect the correct personnel/unit. Many thanks to Captain Wayne Parrish and Battalion Chief Andre Jordan for the right info!

Please see the note and photo below from one of our colleagues in public safety. Way to go!

"On the evening of 5/30/10, I took my 8-year-old son, Bo, to eat with me at the Bill Miller Bar-B-Que on east Ben White. The firefighters from Quint 35 came by to pick up some chow. Well, as you can imagine, my 8-year-old son was in awe over their fire truck. I asked one of the firefighters if I could take a photo of my son next to the fire truck. They told me that they could do me one better!

"Here is the photo (below). As you can see from the smile on my son's face, he will never forget this picture, or the great men and women that serve the Austin Fire Department. This e-mail is a simple 'Thank You' to the guys on Quint 35. Y'all really made a little boy's day. God Bless and Stay Safe!"

Detective Chris Moore
Austin Police Department
South Bureau Night CIB