Monday, June 14, 2010

Battalion 5C Vehicle Rescue Class

Ladder 15/C complement took to the junk yard earlier this month to conduct a refresher vehicle rescue class. Despite the heat, everyone got time on the extrication tools, practiced fundamentals, and learned valuable lessons about new car technologies.

Instructors Captain Craig Walker, Ladder 3C, and Fire Specialist Chris Moren, Quint 18A, led the class, providing years of experience and knowledge in the discipline.

The class objectives began with an overview of engine-oriented techniques and procedures that any company could perform with a simple set of hand tools. Next, the group discussed car construction, cut considerations, and the little details that can make a big difference in each evolution. Finally, the group systematically dismantled six cars.

The hands-on training and lessons learned strengthened the entire complement's understanding of vehicle rescue evolutions, and each company’s role and expectations for future vehicle rescue response.

(Thanks to Captain Peter Teliha for this info!)