Wednesday, March 3, 2010

New AFD Patch Rollout

The new patches are here and are ready for distribution to all AFD personnel. Each Battalion Chief has been given a supply of new uniform patches.
  • Each AFD member can request up to four new uniform patches from his or her BC.
  • AFD members are encouraged to replace the old uniform patch with the new patch on their existing uniform shirts.
  • OPTIONAL: AFD members may choose to have the patches switched out on their uniform shirts by a professional tailor or seamstress at the member’s own expense. Two local vendors have agreed to replace patches on uniform shirts at a set price.
    • GT Distributors - $2.00 per shirt, Address: 2545 Brockton Drive, Austin 78758, 451-8298
    • Miller Uniforms - $5.00 per shirt, Address: 650 Canion Street, Austin 78752, 302-5541
"New" uniform shirts that are issued from HQ will have the new patches from this point forward. However, patch replacement to already issued uniform items will not be done by Materials Management.