Wednesday, March 24, 2010

Kudos from Dr. Paul Hinchey, Medical Director

From Dr. Paul Hinchey, Medical Director for Austin/Travis County EMS:

"Chief Kerr: Last night (3/22) the Austin Fire Department’s Engine 1 and 2 were called to Brackenridge to assist with a morbidly obese patient that had been transported by an EMS agency from another county. The EMS crew had limited manpower and the Emergency Department Staff were unable to assist due to the acuity of the patients in the ED at the time. Despite the somewhat unorthodox request for assistance the firefighters were professional, kind and compassionate, making every effort to maintain the dignity of the patient while moving and caring for them. The firefighters’ actions last night exemplify a culture of service to others that reflects well upon the fire fighting profession, Austin Fire Department, and our city. I do not have the names of the individuals involved but ask that you please convey my thanks to the firefighters and their command for their efforts on behalf of the patient and the EMS crew."

Way to go, A shifters!