Tuesday, March 9, 2010

Kudos from Citizen to Austin First Responders

"Today is my first day back at work following an almost month long convalescence for injuries sustained in an automobile accident February 12, and I wanted one of my first acts (after clearing out over 650 emails) to be an email to each of you, commending your staff on the compassionate, professional and sympathetic care my partner and I received following the accident.

"The accident occurred at the intersection of Dee Collins Gabriel Road and McKinney Falls Parkway at 9:30am. My partner and I were the third car to enter the intersection when another vehicle ran the red light and impacted our vehicle at speeds estimated at over 45mph.

"My first memory is of a kind hearted EMS officer named Jeremy explaining very patiently why they had to cut my favorite jacket and shirt off before loading me into an ambulance for transport. He explained everything that was happening and what I could expect once we reached Brackenridge. His tone and demeanor were very comforting to me during the ride to the hospital. Much later in the day, after he transported another person to the trauma center, he took the time to stop by my room and check on me. I wish I knew his last name to thank him personally because he certainly went above and beyond.

"The APD officer who investigated the accident and spoke with me at the hospital was Officer J Marmolejo 5163, and I was very appreciative of the patience and courtesy he displayed. Obviously, I had numerous questions and if he didn’t have the answer, he would excuse himself and return quickly with what I needed. I was on a morphine drip by this time so it couldn’t have been easy for him.

"My recollection of AFD is a bit hazy because I was classified a “smash and grab” patient, but my partner has gone on and on as to the wonderful care she received. I know one gentleman spent a great deal of time rummaging through our vehicle to find Denice’s glasses and other personal effects as they tended to her. She was most impressed by how calm and reassuring they were. She is tough woman to impress but, Chief Kerr, your staff impressed her very much.

"You can’t know what these simple acts of kindness mean to someone who has experienced a traumatic event. As a citizen of Austin it makes me feel better knowing they are on the job and it makes me very proud they are colleagues of mine at the City of Austin.

"As I said, we only have the name of the officer, but if you are able, please send our most sincere thanks for all they did and all they do.

"The ambulances that transported us that day were Medic # 12 and medic #2 if that helps."

Warmest Regards,

Mary Priddy
Denice Bain