Tuesday, February 23, 2010

More Kudos to AFD

Thought you'd like to see this note from the next door neighbors of Joseph Stack:

"We live at 1821 Dapplegrey Lane, directly next door the Joe Stack's house. By the time my fiance, Adam and I received word that our neighbor's house was on fire, your team was on the scene. After discovering that our dogs were safe, we stood on our front lawn and watched your team fight diligently to save our home. Amazing does not fairly describe the work they did.

"Since putting out the fire, your team has been so incredibly nice and responsive to our questions and needs. Not only are they a well-trained team, they are great people.

"I write this e-mail sitting on my couch, in my home, with my dogs by my side. My home that sustained only minimal damage because of the hard work of your team. Words cannot express how thankful we are that your team responded so quickly and effectively.

"We are forever grateful to the men and women of the Austin Fire Department."

All the best,

Melissa Peters and Adam Auchter