Friday, February 26, 2010

GTC Conference Follow Up

Last week, we told you that AFD would be sharing some of our data analysis tools at the Government/Technology Conference that was in Austin recently. We thought you'd like to see the great summary below from Elizabeth Gray who was on hand at our booth and gave a terrific summary of just how valuable our presence there turned out to be.

Our booth was a success! We showed our QlikView applications to several dozen State agencies, cities, ISDs, and numerous City of Austin employees. Points of interest:

  • "Why is the Fire Department at a technology conference?" Some conference goers were drawn to our booth because they were intrigued by what a Fire Department could contribute in the area of technology.
  • "Wow, you have a lot of customers." The exhibitors at several adjoining booths came over to see what we had, and why it was so popular.
  • "We could really use this." Several municipalities and divisions of state agencies were clearly interested in what we had to offer. One woman said, "This [learning about what AFD has done with QlikView] is worth the whole price of admission to this conference."
  • Several people came back for more in-depth demonstration and discussion.
  • In addition to teaching about QlikView, we also handed out a good deal of fire safety information.
This was a great team effort, and many people contributed to its success:

Booth staffing: Scott Moon, Chas Randal, Lisa Clifton, Eugene Balaguer, Reggie Williams, Kathy Burke, AC Ken Crooks, DC Dawn Clopton, DC Duke Turpin

Pub Ed materials and staffing: Eli Santiago, Tim Lafuente, Bruce Odems

Booth design, technology, setup, and breakdown: Liz Hargrove, Christine Thies, Alec Anzaldua, Ralph Villella, Adrian Rodriquez, Chester Williams, Albert Banda, Michelle DeCrane

Thanks to all for your help. AFD benefits from the positive exposure, and other organizations benefit from knowing about technology that can help solve their problems.

AFD folks in action!