Wednesday, January 27, 2010

Another Terrific Job by Support Staff!

From Battalion Chief Doug Kusey. Sometimes, there are no words to adequately say thanks for some of the things our folks do. YUCK!

"Chief Kerr: Late on the morning of 7 January personnel at Station 22 came to work to find Ralph Villeja, Ricardo Flores, and Phillip Martinez investigating the horrible sewage smell issuing from the bowels of the fire station (think dead rats floating in a fetid dung soup). It has been reported to me that all three donned improvised hazmat suits, crawled under the station and, for the next nine hours, labored in the dark cesspool under the station. If you recall, the high temperature in Austin that day never went above freezing. Working as a team, these men dug, diagnosed, and repaired the pipes until, finally, the work was near complete. Sometime between 2100 and 2200 hours they emerged wet, cold and covered in raw sewage. They left the station, only to return first thing the next morning to resume the repairs. (It's my understanding that the pipes are so corroded that each repair led to another break somewhere down line.) By the end of the second day, the repairs were completed and Station 22 was functional again.

"The good work these guys do speaks for itself. Last week they vastly exceeded the scope of their jobs to get the job done. I was so impressed with their commitment to our fire fighters and our station that I'm compelled to report to you how grateful I am for Ralph, Ricardo, and Phillip."