Friday, January 8, 2010

AFD Ranks #1 in CityWorks Academy

Recently, the City of Austin graduated the first CityWorks Academy (CWA) class. The CWA was designed to provide residents with a hands-on “inside look” at how the City does business, and give them an opportunity to meet leaders and discuss issues relevant to the community. Subsequent to graduation, City PIO surveyed the participants about their experience in the class and received overwhelmingly positive feedback; 100 percent of the respondents rated the program as “good” or “very good.” There were 32 members of this inaugural graduating class, with more than 300 Austinites applying to participate!

Here's the best part--AFD received the highest program score from participant evalutions (9.54 out of 10)! Many thanks to all those who supported our role in this Academy and for your hard work in creating an experience the students found so valuable!