Thursday, January 14, 2010

AFD Personnel Deploy to Haiti and San Antonio

As part of Texas Task Force One, several AFD members have been selected to deploy to Haiti to assist in the rescue efforts there. This is a HUGE deal, since typically, the only USAR team selected to go outside of the United States is the Virginia team.

AFD personnel who will be leaving College Station today at 9:00 a.m. for Haiti include:

Warren Weidler (Battalion Chief)
Keith Brown (Firefighter)
Travis Maher (Fire Specialist)
Jody Cook (Fire Specialist)
Ron Buys (Engineer)
Russ Kellar (Lieutenant)
Mike Frick (Acting Division Chief)

Additionally, AFD water rescue personnel are deploying to San Antonio for standby due to expected flooding from heavy, severe rains. Those folks include four helicopter rescue swimmers:

Scott Bartell (Lieutenant)
Greg Reddish (Firefighter)
Jeff Deane (Firefighter)
Homero Garcia (Firefighter)

Additionally, a five-person boat team of AFD personnel is being deployed. Members include:

Mike Becker (Captain)
Tommy Wilkins (Lieutenant)
Terrence Oertli (Fire Specialist)
Matthew Avery (Firefighter)
Duane Carter (Firefighter)

Please keep all of these individuals in your thoughts and prayers for their safety while they are gone and their quick return to Austin.