Monday, December 7, 2009

Kudos to Engine 22-C

From Paul Mallon and Eric Finkelstein, paramedics from Medic 12 (Faro Lane):

"On 11/30 at the Forest Hills apartment complex at Anken Drive/Willow Creek Drive, we ran with E22-C on a 22yo male who had two stab wounds to the chest after a 10+ person brawl.

"For as chaotic as this call was, these folks brought their 'A' game. When we arrived, occlusive dressings had been placed and the crew was preparing backboard. In spite of a dark parking lot, screaming family members, many bystanders, and a crime scene to preserve, they were self sufficient and instrumental in the very successful egress of this patient. They allowed for a 7 minute on scene time!

"This was also the first time we have had AFD drive...I must admit I was skeptical in the past of this policy change but with FF Suzanne La Follette at the helm, the ride was very nice. FF Julie Hall was in the back with Eric and I ,and we were able to accomplish many interventions including ventilating our near unresponsive patient; this would not have normally been possible. Lt. John Green and Driver Wess Gunn also made sure that we had everything we needed prior to departure. This experience has made me a believer in the AFD driver option.

"This is just one of many calls Eric and I have run with this crew; it is always a pleasure."

Way to go, folks!